My favorite pins lately

There is just something about the hot weather that makes me want to eat salad for every single meal possible. My Pinterest feed is full of recipes just like this one. Avocado pasta salad

I also really LOVE this gorgeous pink hair. If I had the patience (and hair that could handle being dyed again) I would totally try to rock this color! dc90b7173f42496570ae54eed5836fd1

These nachos look absolutely delicious! a72ff03cff6998d32362f8abd4333a56

Random fact about me, I love poutine but I absolutely cannot stand the word POUTINE. It just makes me think EWWW!! But this twist on that classic combines two of my favorite foods. 063ac392dc8866a7f43dc9b55112c9a4

These nails though!

Every since I learned that we were moving to a city that had an IKEA I was exited to try an Ikea Hack. Something unique like this dresser.da08f69ddb59ab35931737fa7f52c61e

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