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Here we go again

Today is Friday the 13th and naturally there are some superstitions around this date, and while most people just chalk it up to superstitions I have to wonder just a little bit. Last Friday 13th we spent our evening sitting in the emergency room with Ethan who just broke his arm (I wrote about it HERE). This Friday the 13th I am sitting next to Ethan on the couch who has that very same arm wrapped up in gauze and propped up on a pillow, he’s barely awake because he is on heavy pain medicine all because he broke his arm… again. FullSizeRender1
He didn’t break it today, in fact he broke it a few days ago while playing football with some friends but he is recovering from arm surgery to replace his bone and add a metal plate and six screws. If you are wondering he last broke that arm in November and he literally just got the go ahead from his doctor so that he can play sports again and this was the very first time he went out and played with his friends.
At this point we have decided that he needs to stay away from sports or only play sports whenever he is completely wrapped in bubble wrap. Either way I hope that none of my kids (especially this one) break any bone ever again because its so stressful on both of us!

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