Bathroom signs: old towels, towel hooks, and large photo frames

Babies depend on you for everything and it is a nostalgic feeling to see them grow and become independent. Most parents usually obsess over how to potty train their kids. However, it is equally important to develop healthy bathroom habits in your kids. You should teach them to use the toilet properly, flush it, and wash hands afterwards. Then, of course, you want them to brush their teeth twice a day and consume less water while doing so.

These habits take time and a constant reminder to your kids. For good and healthy bathroom habits, bathroom signs are a great idea. Also, you should encourage your kid to pick the bathroom sign for his or her own bathroom to be more interested in always looking at it when they use it. If the children have picked the bathroom sign, they are more likely to remember it as compared to you putting a bathroom sign in the bathroom.

We have a couple of ideas that involves your kids and bathroom signs. Here we go;

Old Towels

An old bath towel which is large enough to contain few words can serve as a great bathroom sign. You can spray paint on the white old towel. The message on bathroom sign is pretty similar – brush, flush, floss, and hand wash.  Well, since you are painting the towel, you get to decide the content of your bathroom sign.

In case you are short of towels, you can always buy towels online in Australia from The online store is home to various kinds of towels and towel sets at exceptionally affordable rates. Select any large white bath towel and get some spray paints. Now you and your child can write the message on the towel and hang it in the bathroom. One of the other places to buy online towels in Australia is IZZZ which have a variety of Towels in good quality and attracting colors.

Towel Hooks

Not everyone is as handy as they are required to be to pull off the towel bathroom sign idea shared above. Well, there is no shame in it as we have plenty of other ideas. You can take your kid to a shopping trip and get him or her towel hook of their choice. Just make sure the towel hook also serve as a bathroom sign and contain all the important messages like brush, flush, floss etc.

The towel hook will carry all the towels purchased from and also help in developing good bathroom habits in your offspring.

Large Rectangular Photo Frame

This is by far the best idea for a bathroom sign and involves your kid to the fullest. You need to buy or arrange a large rectangular photo frame for the bathroom. Now plan a playdate with your kid where you will draw or paint the messages for a bathroom sign board. Let’s say you created four cardboards with different messages. Now, you can paste or attach those cardboards on the photo frame that’s been hung in the bathroom.

It is the best idea because it involves your kid on a deeper level. There is no chance that your son or daughter will forget to notice their own art piece whenever they use the bathroom.

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