Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 30

I LOVE this coloring book style tea towel and with Mother’s day just around the corner this would make such a cute gift for a little one to make for their Mom.coloring book style tea towel

This fajita salad looks SO amazing! We tend to eat more salads in the hot Summer months so I am certainly going to have to make this one for my family!

I love these handprint magnets to keep the kids safe in parking lots. I used to make the kids hold their hands on the car so that they would stay right beside me while I loaded or unloaded the car, having one of these would have made loading the car so much easier for me!

My dog December follows me practically everywhere, so I can totally see myself rocking a pair of these with her adorable little face all over them!pet photo pjs

Whenever I was browsing through my Bloglovin feed I came across a photo of these soapsicles and literally ignored the title which clearly states that its soap and thought WOW these look delicious! I guess thats to say they look authentic!

This crock pot salisbury steak looks absolutely mouthwatering. Must make some soon. salisbury steak

This doormat is SO cute and welcoming. One of these days I need to stop buying store bought ones and make one thats personalized like this one.

This might come as a shock but I don’t like or drink wine, but this barn wood wine rack is so cute! Theres just something about that wood that makes me love it. Maybe I could just fill it with 2 liters?

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