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Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery provided me with a cake for this review, but of course all opinions are all my own. Pinky promise!

I love desserts. Seriously, I could probably just eat dessert foods for the rest of my life and be totally happy. So whenever I got the chance to try out one of Collin Street Bakery’s delicious cakes I jumped at the opportunity to try their Texas Blonde Pecan Cake. I have never had a fruit cake before but I thought surely I would love it.

Collin Street Bakery

Well…. it turns out that I don’t care for fruit cake, like at all. So I let the kids try it and it was unanimous we didn’t like fruit cake. It was a shame because this cake was GORGEOUS! I did not care for the tang of the cake.

collin street bakery

My husband was the most excited to try this cake though and he wasn’t home from work yet. As soon as he got home from work I let him try some and to my surprise he LOVED it. I was so shocked because he doesn’t care for sweets in general, but he really enjoyed this. Later in the evening whenever we ate dessert he asked for a larger serving and ate every bit of it.

While this cake was not my thing, he really enjoyed it. I would say that anyone who really enjoys fruit cake they absolutely need to try this one, personally I would LOVE to give their cheesecakes a try because they look amazing!

Take a moment to check out Collin Street Bakery’s website.

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