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La Tapatia Austin Texas

The move from Louisville to Austin has still taken a toll on me because the thought of cooking the other night literally made me want to pass out. There was no persuading John needed because he knew that I had been wanting to get some tacos every since we got to Austin and its been just over a month which in my eyes is incredibly too long to get some local food. John got a food recommendation from a colleague at work a local place called La Tapatia that was just a few moments from where we were.

This place literally looked like a small hole in the wall place, but if I know anything from experience I know that these types of restaurants typically have the very best foods. The inside of the restaurant was begging for a renovation but in my eyes that just means that the food is promising to be delicious.

I had to Google so many words on the menu so that I knew what some of the items were, but I did love that the menu had photos because it really helped me pick out what I wanted to eat. I ordered the enchilada tapatia, John ordered the Tex-Mex Plate, and Jayde ordered the tortilla soup with a side of refried beans. While we waited on our foods to come we snacked on complimentary salsa and chips. John loved them, while Jayde and I found the salsa to be incredibly too spicy which was a little of a shock because Jayde adores spicy foods.

Whenever our foods arrived it looked just like the photos I found on Yelp, the food was overflowing off of the plate. The first bite of my enchilada tapatia was AMAZING. Historically I really do not like meat, but this ground beef was so good that I had to offer everyone at the table some. The side of rice was also pretty decent but the refried beans weren’t very good and Jayde confirmed that she didn’t care for hers very much either, but my main course was so good that I didn’t even care about the beans. John also loved his food (as I suspected he would) and he cleared his plate as well. Jayde is a VERY picky eater now but she loved her tortilla soup and made sure that we tried it as well, which is also a shock because she never shares food. As you can see her serving size was also pretty good in fact she ate and ate but wasn’t able to eat more than half of it because it was so much.

In all I would certainly come back, the prices were fair for the serving size, the staff was pretty friendly and the food was great. I just would probably sub out the refried beans for something else. Next time maybe I will be brave enough to try the cactus….

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