Items To Pack For A Day Trip With Kids

Whether you’re on vacation abroad and heading out for a day trip, or just going somewhere in the car for the afternoon, you’ll want to be prepared. Packing the right items is important. Take too many and you’ve got to carry around unnecessary weight and bulk. But don’t pack everything you need and it could spell disaster.

With this in mind, keep reading for items every mom should pack for a day trip with the kids.


Illness, coughs and sneezes can turn up out of the blue. No matter where you are, you’ll want to be ready. This is especially true if you’re heading anywhere other than a shopping mall or high street. Even still, finding a pharmacy and the medicine needed is a faff in itself. Always take the basics with you, like painkillers and any products especially for kids. Carry a first aid kit too, if you’re headed out into the woods or onto the beach.


Handbags might be pretty, but managing a day out with kids might be tricky enough. Using a backpack, however, puts your items out of the way and leaves your hands free for crossing the roads. And maybe also the emergency cappuccino you’re starting to need!


You should carry an umbrella for everyone on the trip! Trying to fit more than one person under one can be a nightmare! Go for an umbrollo umbrella; they are durable, and built to not flip inside out if the wind picks up! For littler kids, choose ones that they will be able to carry and manoeuvre without a struggle.

Snacks and water

Kids get grumpy when they’re thirsty or hungry. You might not be able to get a seat at a restaurant or cafe straight away, and even if you do you’ll have to wait for food to be cooked. Be prepared for peckish little ones by packing some healthy snacks. Take some kid-size bananas, and some crackers. If you offer fruit and they refuse it, they’ll obviously not that hungry! Don’t forget to pack a drink and something to eat for yourself too!

Items To Pack For A Day Trip With Kids

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Items for overnight

If there is any chance that you’ll want to stay over, pack appropriately. While it might not be in the plan, it could be nice to stay with friends in the local area, or get a hotel room last minute. At least if you have your necessities with you, the option is there. Take pajamas, toothpaste and toothbrushes for everyone. The blanket or teddy your kids usually sleep with will help settle them to sleep away from home.

Warm layers

The weather has a habit of changing, doesn’t it?! Especially when you really don’t want it too. You’ll already have your umbrella on your in case of rain, but do you have warm clothes incase it gets cold? Similarly, do you have things with you in case it gets hotter than you imagined. If it’s summer, take sun hats and suncream just incase you get a nice surprise on a seemingly cloudy day.

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