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To tip a little or none at all? Haymaker Sandwiches Austin

After we went to the SXSW Gaming Expo Chandler wanted to treat us to dinner while we were in Austin (we live in a small city literally seconds outside of Austin) and I was totally wiped so I was all for not having to cook or pay.  We ended up going to this local place called Haymaker and I loved the thought of finally getting to try some local restaurants and possibly finding our new favorite local place. Of course we checked it out on Yelp first to make sure that it was a decent place and despite being loud and crowded it got some decent reviews and the food looked pretty good.Haymaker Austin

Sadly from the moment we arrived it was a pretty big mess, not only were were not greeted but we had to hunt down someone to help us get seated. The girl who helped us was incredibly excited to show me their alcohol menu and once she realized that I didn’t have any plans to drink she lost all interest in us and focused all of her attention to this pair of guys next to us. She didn’t bother taking my drink order whenever she took the rest of the drink orders from the table, I literally had to yell to her what I wanted to drink as she walked away. Whenever she arrived with our food (which was delivered pretty fast) she handed it all to John for him to pass around the table to who it belonged to and sped away. At this point we determined that we had no silverware, napkins, or ketchup but our server was no where to be found. Luckily we found another server who was incredibly nice and couldn’t have been happier to give us what we needed.

Through out our meal we saw her visit the table of men next to use multiple times and even stood there and talked for quite a while. She did eventually ask if we needed something but only after she realized that we were done eating. Not a single refill of our drinks or anything. Pretty disappointing. I had hoped that the experience would at least be mediocre because Chandler was treating us to dinner, they can’t all be winners though.

The food however was pretty decent. John ordered poutine and said that it tasted pretty authentic to what he had in Canada, and despite being thoroughly grossed out by the name I tried some and it was pretty good. I went with a BLT because everything on their menu looked really delicious, while it wasn’t the best BLT I have ever eaten it was still pretty good, the tomato could have been fresher. I can’t for the life of me remember what Chandler ordered, but he said it was ok but he only ate half of it so I assume he was just being nice by saying that. Ethan ordered some fancy grilled cheese and I have to admit I was totally jealous because it was AMAZING.

After much debate about how much tip we should leave I finally allowed Chandler to leave a single dollar as a tip, even though Chandler and I wanted to leave none and John and Ethan thought we should leave a few bucks despite the service being terrible. Whenever we left John went out one door and I went out the other because Im all about taking shortcuts especially since I was walking ALL DAY LONG at SXSW. On the way out with Chandler and Ethan one of the guys she was talking to made a comment directed at me, and being the person I am I turned and looked directly at him and said:

Me: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?! (imagine this with the biggest WTF face ever)

Him: Real Classy!

Me: (Speechless)

From here he proceeded to go on a total rant about how she lives off of those tips and how I was required to leave her a certain amount for the tip. Im not sure what my response was but it was along the lines of she should have been a better server and we would have left more tip.

This is where she decided to fling the dollar bill at me and say “Here, I don’t need your money anyways”. So I took the dollar bill and told both of him that she should work on her customer service skills if she expects larger tips and stormed outside. I was met by this older lady who said “You did the right thing!” and I decided turned right back around and asked to speak with the manager. I spoke with two mangers and they were both incredibly nice (as was the other server who helped us because ours was missing) and they even gave us a $40 gift card but I cannot help still being a little irked by the entire situation. I honestly didn’t want the gift card and I really don’t feel like I will ever visit again because of the overall negative vibe I was left with.


What would you do?

If you have a terrible service at restaurant do you tip normally, or do you base your amount of tip on how the service was?




4 thoughts on “To tip a little or none at all? Haymaker Sandwiches Austin

  1. 99% of the time I will leave a 20% tip, even if the service was mediocre but what you described is HORRIBLE service. For that, I wouldn’t have even left a tip at all. If she was so concerned about living off of tips, she would have taken the time to actually do her job.

    1. YES! I think if she needed the tips she would have made an effort. And in my defense on tipping I typically tip at least 20% for good service, sometimes much more because I can really appreciate good service.

  2. One dollar was correct. It was enough so that it would be clearly understood that it was an insult to the wait staff. You did the right thing speaking up. The management should be concerned because she made them lose a potentially good customer. But, give the restaurant a second chance, she might be gone soon.

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