My Creative Tips to Make the Most of a Small Kid’s Room

Not everyone has huge amounts of space in their home. Some people live in apartments, and others have smaller houses. Being short on space is a horrifying prospect for a lot of people. However, many want or need to live in a smaller home, and they have to make it work. Having less space when you have kids can be hard. They might not have very big bedrooms, and they might even have to share. But having less space to work with can make you think more creatively. Try these solutions if you’re planning a small kid’s bedroom and make the most of the space you have.

Find Clever Storage

Storage is the key to making any small room work, but it’s especially vital for kids’ rooms. Children tend to have a lot of stuff, from toys to clothes, and they aren’t that great at keeping it neat and tidy. Looking for small storage solutions will prevent their possessions from taking over, and save you some space. One of the first things you could think about is using storage that’s hidden in other furniture. For example, you can get a bed with drawers underneath or a bench that doubles as a toy box. Using storage that goes upwards and not just outwards is essential too. Focus on using shelves so that you can store things vertically and still have space underneath them.

My Creative Tips to Make the Most of a Small Kid's RoomMy Creative Tips to Make the Most of a Small Kid's Room

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Use Loft or Bunk Beds

The bed is the one thing in any bedroom that takes up the most space. Whether it’s a single, a double or even larger, it inevitably becomes the centerpiece. However, there is a way that you can save space. Getting a loft bed or bunk beds means that there’s extra space underneath. Have a look at for some beautiful examples. With a loft bed, you could put a desk or some storage on the ground level. Bunk beds naturally give you the option of another bed. That’s excellent for sharing siblings, but it can have other uses too. It could be somewhere to play, or to keep a stuffed toy collection. And it will always be there for sleepovers too.

Let in the Light

A dark room will look even smaller than a light one. Making sure you have plenty of light in your small bedroom will make a significant difference. Try looking at to find out how to let more light into a room. The first thing you should do is maximize the natural light. You’re lucky if you have a large window, but don’t worry if you don’t. During the day, make sure you don’t have heavy curtains or blinds blocking the sun. It’s a good idea to choose neutral or bright colors to let the light radiate through the room. You can even include mirrors and metallic elements for extra reflection. At night, make sure you have a number of light sources. Don’t just focus on the ceiling light; put in some lamps at different levels too.

A small bedroom won’t stop you from designing your child’s dream room. You just need to think creatively to make the most of the space you have.

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