What Makes Movie Night So Awesome In My Home?

We have a lot of gadgets in our home. But all of us love one in particular. The TV. Sure, we’re pretty glued to the smaller screens of the iPhones and tablets. We’ll watch YouTube clips, TV streaming, and even movies on those tiny little things. But if we want to really enjoy the film, we all get together in front of the TV and have a movie night. It’s perfect for bonding, I get a night with my feet up, and the kids can finally stop staring at the small screens.

Movies are pretty popular in our house. With three kids, I struggled to get any time to go and see the movies at the cinema. So we invested a little in a big screen TV and a great audio system. Best of all, I found a few tips and tricks to set the whole thing up myself. When you shop at stores like Selby Acoustics, you can find all the cables in the right lengths you need. Now the room is laid out just right for us all to be comfortable. And the sound is amazing!

What Makes Movie Night So Awesome In My Home?

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Of course, the kids are all a little older now, so trips out to the multiplex are easier and more enjoyable. But movie nights at home have become a part of the family tradition in our house. We love being comfortable. And that all-important pause button means we can grab refreshments or pop to the bathroom without missing the movie.

As the kids are older, we have a much wider choice of movies as well. I have to admit the noise and bright colors of all those children’s films do get on your nerves after a while. Now we can enjoy some proper family movies that we’ll all enjoy, regardless of the age gaps. And because they’re older, they can all sit still and get through the movie without making a fuss! That means I can enjoy the latest releases without distraction.

Perhaps the best part of movie nights for me is to sit and cuddle up to my kids. I miss them when they’re at school, even if they’ve wound me up that morning. So to have a couple of hours of quality time with them is amazing. They’re all relaxed, I can recline on my sofa, and we can even catch up on the day’s events. It’s nice just to switch off and be together.

What Makes Movie Night So Awesome In My Home?

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Of course, if we had movie nights more than once a week, they wouldn’t be as special anymore. They would become the norm rather than the treat. The kids can nag at me sometimes to have an impromptu movie night. I feel rotten saying no, but I want to preserve the magic of the evening. After all, my babies are growing up. The oldest will soon be off out with his friends instead of choosing to spend time curled up on the sofa with his Mom.

Do you have movie nights in your household? What makes them special for you? I know I can’t think of a better way to have quality time with my family.


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