Why Flooring Options Have Suddenly Become So Exciting

Things have changed a lot in the world of flooring over the last few years. Whether it’s eliminating lino from bathrooms or putting in underfloor heating, floors are on the way up.

At the centre of the improved flooring movement are us housekeepers. Though not the sexiest of subjects, we recognise that a good home can only be as useful as it’s flooring is practical.

Outdoor-Indoor Areas

One of the main problems faced by many houses is installing an effective indoor-outdoor space. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these spaces they can be so versatile. In the summer, they’re the ideal location for BBQs and sports evenings. In the winter, they’re amazing for taking off muddy boots. If you’re an animal-lover, they’re also a great space to keep pets. Perhaps, it’s a place where pets can freely come in and out.

Flooring in these rooms is essentially what makes them a transition space from the outside to the interior of the house. I think they’re especially well suited for porcelain tiles. Something like a beautiful hardwood white porcelain effect, or perhaps avalon light grey makes a good choice.


Why Flooring Options Have Suddenly Become So Exciting


But the outdoor-indoor space is not the only place where an updated floor can really shine. If you’ve got a tired old lino-floor down, susceptible to damp and other problems, having tiles installed can be a breath of fresh air. Bathroom flooring comes in a wide range of styles and effects, even materials.

If you’ve got a wooden floor and quite like the fact, then you might consider updating it to something a little more bathroom friendly. Here engineered hardwood flooring is an option. This stuff is perfect for areas where hardwood could not usually be installed because of moisture. In other words, the bathroom.

Hardwood floor sellers, like TileMarkets, offer a nearly-unlimited range of styles and effects to suit any interior. Going for a natural wood grain will keep some of the original charm of your bathroom and give it that earthy feel. But you can also get patterned wood if you feel it’s time that the bathroom was updated.


This is another place where tiles are a must. Spillages will happen regularly.

If you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, or you live in colder climes, consider having underfloor heating installed. Underfloor heating is now cheaper than ever. Some underfloor electric mats cost as little as $5 a square foot to instal and very little to run. Plus it makes all the difference in making sure your home is not just practical, but livable.

Great designs are available for the kitchen, as they are for any other space. Ceramic tiles are one of your best bets. The Ancient Romans used ceramic because of how durable a material it was. It’s super resilient in those high-traffic areas, like the kitchen, and won’t slowly wear away. It’s also super stylish no matter where it’s installed.

What’s more, modern tiles are also easy to install. Even without professional help, most people can manage to install about 150 square feet a day.

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  1. I personally prefer all tiled floors throughout the house, it makes for easier cleanup and I also find it better for my allergies the less carpet we have. There are a lot of great tile options available, which are great. Thanks for sharing!

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