10 Ideas For Make Your Garden The Best On The Block

Want to make your garden the envy of the neighbours this summer? These ten ideas will do just that. We’re not suggesting you do all of these, by the way! Although, if you have the time and budget, why not? You and your kids will never want to go inside again! Some of the below ideas will work well in a small garden. Others will help take up a good amount of room if your garden is looking a little bare.

10 Ideas For Make Your Garden The Best On The Block

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Build a treehouse

Now, we can’t pretend that building a treehouse isn’t a major project. It is! But the payoff at the end of it will be totally worth it. As it will be mainly for the kids, let them help with building it. These designs will you give you some serious builders envy, but maybe a little inspiration too. Just make sure you always have a spare ladder to hand if anything goes wrong with the one you’ve built.

Install a swimming pool

While a hefty investment, properties with swimming pools can increase the selling price of the property if you do decide to move on in the future. There are ample benefits; you can host parties and celebrations at your house, rather than hiring venues. Your promoting health and fitness to your kids, and you can all get some exercise done at home. You might even be able to cancel that expensive gym membership. Oh, and of course, home swimming pools are fun! Install outdoor waterproof speakers and pick up a couple of lilo’s. You’ll never want to go back inside!

Build a climbing frame

Climbing frames are another awesome way of encouraging your kids to be active. There are all sorts of different types you can find. Some come with swings and slides attached. Consider installing yours onto a bed of wood-chip to cushion any falls. Alternatively, you could build your own. If space is limited, just a set of monkey bars, with a ladder style frame running across the job is a great idea. Pair the finished constructions a bright color, and check in occasionally to ensure there are no splinters on the bars. This guide will help ensure that anything you build or buy is safe for kids. Once the kids grow out of it, you can cover it with ivy and turn it into a garden trellis.

Build a summer house

While they may have the word ‘summer’ in the name, summer houses are good for all seasons if you equip them properly. As with climbing frames, you can buy one, but if you’ve got the time, make one! You can then get it to the exact size you want, and build it to fit a specific corner or part of the garden. As for making it all-weather ready, consider installing sliding doors, heating, and electricity. You can turn it into a winter grotto for the kids at Christmas, for example!

Create a chill-out area

Dedicate a section of your garden to strictly chilling out! This will be a great place for you and the family to get together in the evenings and on the weekends. Make it a comfortable place to be, and make the seating interesting. Erect a freestanding hammock and lay out a couple of outdoor bean bags. Make sure there is seating for everyone in the family to avoid arguments!

Build a veranda

Verandas are great ways of adding different levels to your garden. Consider adding it as an extension to your house, or put it at the bottom of the garden. When deciding your location, take some time to think about the times of day you’ll be using it most. Then ask yourself where the sunshine falls. If possible, match the two up.

Plant a vegetable patch

This option is great for gardens both big and small. Growing your own veggie patch is super satisfying, and you can get the kids involved in planting and maintaining it. Because it’s your patch, you can decide exactly what you grow. Consider what you buy from the shops often, and use in lots of your cooking. Growing it yourself with save you money in the long run and be much healthier for you and your family.

Build a den

Garden dens are the perfect way to make children feel like they have their own little space. They’ll also be out in the fresh air and away from the computers, so that’s a bonus! Search ‘garden den’ on Pinterest for some amazing inspiration. You could make a pink wigwam from waterproof material. Then, string some battery-powered fairy lights inside. Or, make it army-style with camouflage material and green blankets.

Install a pond

This one could be a great way to appease kids who complain that they don’t have a pet! Create your own garden pond, complete with fish. They’re not as easy to build as you might think, and pretty easy to maintain too.

Create a BBQ area

This could be a great second project to follow on from a new chill-out area. Rather than just having your BBQ shoved into an unloving corner, make a feature out of it. Install some paving stones so it can stand sturdily. You can then put your garden table and chairs next to it. Be sure to position it as far away as possible from the kids playing area to prevent any nasty accidents. Remember as well how much a BBQ can smoke, so consider this when deciding on its position.

Whatever you decide to build or create, be sure to make it 100% safe. If you’ve got any concerns, have a professional look it over. Or, even better, get a professional involved from the start. This will prevent you from making any costly mistakes. But most of all, have fun! Especially for the bigger projects, they are truly a fantastic opportunity to keep the kids busy and out of their bedrooms. Lay out the ground rules at the beginning- no touching any tools, no going in this area, etc- and things will run nice and smoothly. Enjoy!


10 Ideas For Make Your Garden The Best On The Block

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