Austin, Louisville

Guess what?!

I have been talking about our family relocating out of Louisville for many years now. In fact whenever we moved from Jacksonville Florida to Louisville Kentucky back in 2009 we had only planned on staying here for a few years, well here we are almost 7 years later.

We got a call last weekend and John got a promotion that will be relocating us to Austin Texas asap! John is expected to be in Texas by March 7th for work. 1
As you can see by the photo it is complete chaos here, between packing, trying to find a house and everything else that moving entails. That photo was taken whenever Chandler was just starting to move the Apple collection from the basement into the living room, now there is just a tiny path between all of the old computers for us walk through. I am a little worried about moving to a city without having even visited yet, but I have heard such wonderful things about Austin that there is no way that we won’t love it!

Anyone from Austin and have some tips for us?

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