My Tips To Create The Ultimate Living Room Experience

I love my whole house, but my living room is my favorite. Every so often, though, I talk to friends who hate the space or don’t like it. I can’t believe this because my idea of heaven is sat in the living room relaxing in front of the TV or reading a good book. Then, I started to think why they don’t like their living rooms, and it hit me – they don’t provide them with the same experience. If you are reading this and nodding your head, I recommend a change. Here are my tips for the ultimate living room experience.

Comfort Comes First

Forget about style for the moment because that is a poor second to comfort. The one thing that I love about my room is the fact that it is comfy. I can easily relax and unwind after a long day by lounging on the sofa or reclining in my armchair. My first tip is to make sure that you have furniture that is comfortable. So many people go for style over substance, and that just ends up making the room unbearable. I like to start with the furniture and then move onto the accessories and color scheme. 

All Gear And No Idea

We live in an age of technology, so I hope you are not afraid to embrace it in your home. The right tech can boost everyone’s living room. Firstly, it makes the room look like a modern day room that belongs in a contemporary house. Secondly, it adds value. I love nothing more than sitting down to watch my favorite TV shows with a glass of wine in my hands. Would I be able to do this without a TV or cable? No, I wouldn’t. And, they don’t have to break the bank. Thanks to affordable Comcast offers, I have all the TV I need at the click of a button. And, every store sells cheap TVs.

Keep In The Heat

A living room is not a good one unless it is warm. To me, heat is essential in every room because I hate the cold. But, I value it more in the living room because it is the place where I try to take the edge off the day. The last thing I want while I am unwinding is to feel the cold coursing through my body! At the same time, I don’t like the room too hot. Thankfully, it is an easy issue to solve. I set the heating on a timer and try and keep the heat in as much as possible. All my windows have double glazing and curtains instead of blinds. Plus, the doors stay shut so that any cold air from outside can’t circulate.

My Tips To Create The Ultimate Living Room Experience

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Let There be Light

Finally, I am a big fan of mood lighting. The right lighting adds another dimension to the room, so I like to use lamps over lights. Alternatively, I know people that have dimmers to control the lights in their living room, which is also a good idea.

I hope these tips help!


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