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Troll Under the Bridge in Louisville Kentucky

Some how on Sunday my oldest Chandler turned 15 and we let him choose any place that he wanted to visit for dinner that night. After some digging around on Yelp he told me that he wanted to visit Troll Pub Under the Bridge and since John and I had already had a date night there some months back and loved it I knew it was the perfect place.
Chandler 15th birthday
After digging through their Yelp page I was reminded about their bookcase with a secret dinning area behind it I knew that I had to try and get that room for him. I reached out to them via Facebook late one evening and I had a response from them first thing the next morning, and it turns out that I was able to reserve that room at no extra cost! Whenever we arrived we were taken to the bookcase and after the server pulled a specific book we were seated at our table in the hidden room, it was so neat!behind the bookshelf We had Chandler pick out our appetizer and he chose their Loaded Troll Fries. As you can see by the photo they were a huge hit, the second they hit the table they were GONE. Even with telling them to pause so I could get a photo this is what I got. If you’re going to get an appetizer I really suggest you trying this one or the fried pickles which we tried last time.appetizer at troll under the bridge Louisville ky They a great variety of pub food and one of their most unique items is their burger of their month which is basically whatever the chef can come up with. This months burger was the Fry Burger that is a whopping half pound burger topped with melted cheese, bacon, onions, and of course fries. John and the kids chose this burger for dinner. As you can see it is a massive burger, after all its the size of Jayde’s head! If you’re wondering it was a big hit all around.burger the size of jades head
I chose something a little different because anytime I see hot brown on a menu I always get it. Last time John and I visited I had the Hot Brown Pizza and it was incredible so this time I chose to get the traditional hot brown. If you’re not from Louisville you might not have ever heard of a hot brown, it is basically toast topped with turkey, cheese, bacon and tomatoes. It is just the best. The hot brown pizza still stands as my favorite dish from Troll Under the Bridge but the traditional one comes in a very close second.

While everyone was stuffed it wouldn’t have been a birthday dinner without a dessert so Chandler chose their Mokah Stout Brownie and was able to finish most of it. I did snag a bite and it was pretty good as well.

Our total for an appetizer a dessert and meals and drinks for all of us was only $95. Which is pretty reasonable, considering the portion sizes (we ended up taking home half of two burgers because they were so large and some fries).

In all Troll Under the Bridge is hands down one of my very favorite places in Louisville. Delicious food aside, the environment is incredibly unique as it sits in historic Whiskey Row and their staff is without a doubt the most friendly and attentive in the business. Sadly, I forgot our servers name but he was great and made all of the kids comfortable ordering their food. Next time you’re looking for some food in Louisville be sure to check out Troll Under the Bridge.

Take a virtual tour of this awesome place.

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