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Finally Barbie!

Growing up Barbies were always my favorite toys to play with, I loved dressing them up and playing with them. I never had an issue that all of the barbies looked identical with the exception of a slight skin or hair color change, I guess as a kid I just didn’t notice those details. However now as a mother it drives me nuts to have to pick out a doll from a sea of dolls who look identical. I think thats the reason that my daughter fell in love with the Monster High dolls, because they all were unique from each other (for the most part).

So whenever I saw that Barbie finally came around with the times and changed up their dolls to match their real life counterparts. Their is now four lines of the Barbie Fashionista line, Original, Petite, Tall and Curvy.1

It bugs me that they cannot be tall and curvy or petite and curvy, but baby steps right? I love that they also addressed all of the races pretty well with the exception of a cute little interracial doll (lets fix this Mattel!). All of these new dolls look fabulous and unique just like real people are, there is a doll with blue hair, a doll with fabulous curly hair, short hair, blonde hair, traditional style, rockers style, etc. So much fun!

I wonder with all these clothing size options for the dolls now will the clothes have a size written inside so that the girls will be able to tell which clothes go with which dolls? I hope so. Personally I don’t have a child to buy these for, but I cannot wait to buy some of these for my adorable nieces! Finally a doll that looks like them!

Will you be buying one of these dolls? What are your thoughts on these?

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