Things to do during a snowstorm

If you are like me you are under at least a few inches of snow and have no hope of leaving your house in the next few days. While I love looking at snow and watching it fall, I have no actual want to leave the house in that mess.
Louisville snow
1. Do something productive 
Since you’re stuck in side why not go ahead and knock a few tasks off of your to-do list. If you’re like me you have a mountain of clothes to fold that is reaching epic heights.

2. Cook something to warm up with.
How about a nice crockpot full of chili, some stew or even one of these delicious hot cocoa recipes.

3. Spend some time with the family.
Whip out some of the old board games or a big bowl of popcorn and a movie and make some quality memories with the family.

4. Finally finish that book.
I hope you’re not like me and have a handful of half read books in your queue but if you do you can go ahead and get some of those finished. Or if you are a responsible adult you can start a whole new book.

5. Binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix.
There are some really great series’ to watch on Netflix. A few of my favorites that do not get nearly enough said about them: Wentworth, Bomb girls, Call The Midwife.

6. Nap.
This one speaks for itself.

Can you guess which ones of these I have gotten around to doing? Hint: Nothing productive.

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