Things Im looking forward to in 2016

The boys starting high school.
While this makes me incredibly sad because they are growing up so quickly I am happy because there are so many opportunities for their future at their new school.

Jayde turning 13.
This honestly this one scares me a little. If these teen years are as rough as the tween years we are in for some trouble.Jayde

The possibility of moving.
I have been saying this practically every year since we moved to Louisville in 2009 but I’m really hoping this year is the year. I’m ready for some new scenery, maybe somewhere just a little cooler.

Bike riding weather.
I love cold weather but I hate riding my bike in the cold. I cannot wait until it warms up just enough that i can get out and enjoy riding again.

Ghostbusters movie.
There are so many really great movies coming out in 2016 but I think this is the movie that I am looking forward to the most.

Relaunching my second website.
I launched Glitter + Cookies last July and it required a lot more work than I expected. So I want to get my self more organized and completely relaunch. It’s going to be amazing.

Getting my health in check.
I have been working super hard to get my teeth in check and I am almost 75% done so now I’m going to start working on some of the other health stuff I have going on. PCOS brace yourself because I’m going after you.hostpital

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