Reviving old posts

We all have older posts and while some of those might be not be something you would want to promote, other posts are real diamonds in the rough that just need a little love to be brought to their full potential.  Lets go back and choose a few older posts and update to get them ready for new readers.


Make your post SEO friendly.
Go back through and make sure that your title is SEO friendly as well as the rest of the post. Be sure to remember to make sure that your image is named so that it will come up on search engines.

Make it Pinterest friendly.
Make sure that the post has nice large photos that will work nicely with Pinterest, also as mentioned above be sure to title your image so that when it is pinned it will have a caption built in. A lot of bloggers have posts that go back before Pinterest and therefore we didn’t need to get the post ready for Pinterest. Don’t give up on Pinterest because it can be one of your top referrers if you really try.

Share old posts.
Your old posts need love too, chances are that you have gained even broader audience since the post originally posted so now a whole new crowd gets to enjoy your post. WordPress even has a great plug in that will auto tweet your old posts, so even if you forget about that awesome old post this plug in won’t! This plug in can be found here.

Add an update.
If your post is a review post consider going back and updating the post to show how you liked the product over time. Remember to also go back and check for grammatical errors.

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