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Literally 99% of my pins are food related so naturally the first one has to be a food related pin right? These stuffed peppers look AMAZING. Jayde has become super picky about what foods she eats and one of the few foods she will eat is stuffed peppers, so anytime I get a chance to twist up the traditional recipe I do!
stuffed peppers
Growing up I LOVED Gak but at some point they stopped making it whenever my kids were younger, and yes I know they have since relaunched it but its all boring colors and not fun like it used to be. Which is exactly why this homemade glitter gak caught my eye, it looks just like the old stuff I loved as a kid.glitter gak
Now that my kids are older I can finally throw away those old plastic plates and mismatched spoons and forks and replace it with some of this stunning flatware.
One benefit of working at home (besides getting to live in sweatpants) is that I can have fun colored hair like this ombre hair
Since we swapped bedrooms with the kids a while back I have no where to put all my earrings which is why this DIY earring holder caught my eye. Bonus point for it being so easy and cheap to make!
More food, but this broccoli and chicken lasagna recipe combines so many things that I love how can I not share this?!broccoli and chicken lasagna
Last but not least is this really neat diy frame. I love it because I have seen this type of frame styled so nicely on both Etsy and Pinterest and I have just the space for one of these!diy frame
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