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Our Christmas surprise

Whenever we moved Louisville from Florida 7 years ago I never guessed that it would be another 7 years before I visited my hometown and more importantly my family back home. Yet somehow 7 years has come and gone.

So whenever the brakes when out on my van last month and required a hefty price to repair them we were forced to just buy a new car. That left us with a dependable car finally. Since the kids didn’t really have anything that they wanted for their Christmas presents it was the perfect time to take the Christmas money and travel home.

Luckily Johns work was nice and gave him 5 days off on that week so we would have a decent amount of time. We left after John got off work on Tuesday and I drove through the night and arrived in Florida at 8 am. We booked an Airbnb to stay in for just $55 a night (that’s a fraction of a nights stay at a traditional hotel) and crashed in the hotel for just a few hours since we couldn’t rest the night before.

Once we woke we headed to the houses of our families to surprise them. None of our family knew that we were coming to visit (well my aunt had some suspicions). So whenever we arrived to each house everyone was so shocked to finally see us again. My cousins response was my favorite by far, she totally squealed! I finally got to meet my baby cousins who are absolutely more adorable in person.

In all it was so fun seeing all of our families and while I thought I would have feelings about my hometown that might make me want to stay it really couldn’t have been more of the opposite. The city itself is actually not appealing at all. On the other hand, the thought of being nearby family again makes me want to pack all of my stuff up and move back home right away. As we drove away from Jacksonville I felt sad because I already missed my family.

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