Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 23

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL! First Friday Favorites (and post) of the of 2016!! At least Im starting this year off semi productive with a post right?


This West Elm Inspired headboard is incredible. I wish I had the patience to create something like this! Pretty impressive right? West Elm Inspired headboard

I am forever in a battle with my stove eyes, ok to be honest Im a messy cook and my stove is always a mess. Which is probably why Im in love with these cheap Dollar Store Burner covers, though I would probably make them simpler so that I can actually use them on the stove.

This is a really great post to get your writing going in 2016, 101 blog post ideas.

I also really love these amazing hologram nail decals and could totally see Jayde wanting some just like these!Hologram nail decals

I love watching calligraphy videos on Instagram mostly because I wish I could write so beautifully. So when I came across this Modern Calligraphy 101 post I fell in love!

This post isn’t very helpful for me because I can’t drink, but Im guessing quite a few of your out there might need this post this morning.

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