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Dreamy vacation spots on Airbnb

I just recently discovered the incredible service that is Airbnb. John has been bugging me for ages to check out the app and naturally I am hesitant to try it out, mostly because the thought of sharing a room with a stranger makes my anxiety kick into full gear. Then I realized that you can book someones full house to stay in! A lot of times these spaces aren’t even peoples homes but rather a space that they have fully decked out just so that you can stay in it!

Since discovering Airbnb I have created a rather long wish list of places that I would love to stay!

This super neat urban farmhouse in Austin looks like it would be a hip place to stay in the middle of a city that I have been wanting to visit.

This incredible tree house in Atlanta looks so neat and would make a romantic get away that isn’t too far from the large city so you’ll still have plenty to do!

This massive 3 bedroom house in Bridgehampton is gorgeous and will be perfect for the family get away because its so space (not to mention it has a pool that the kids will love!)

This off the grid house in California is simple yet gorgeous. Basically the perfect getaway place.

I have always wanted to visit Seattle and this cabin with a view is the perfect place to stay. I mean seriously check out that view!

This modern flat in Brooklyn is the perfect urban vacation spot. New York is one of those places I have wanted to visit for ages now and I think this space perfectly reflects that city, bonus points for it being absolutely gorgeous!

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