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Top 3 travel game apps

Since a lot of families will be traveling for Christmas I got to thinking about what type of games could be played in the car. Only because we have been considering traveling around Spring Break this year and I was just trying to think of ways to keep my teenagers from killing each other in the car.

Car travel games

This app is my favorite so far because it is so clean and to the point. It is free which of course is a bonus for sure. It kinda of irks me that they have not updated the app in a while because it doesn’t fully fit the screen but I doubt that your kids will pay it much mind.

Marathon travel games

This app is almost identical to the previous app, however it does not include the Car Snooker game and in my opinion isn’t nearly as visually appealing. This would be great for kids who are not reading yet because it includes images along with words to make it easier for kids to play. This is also a free app.

U-Haul SuperGraphics

This app is pretty great because it is a little different from the rest because of different games. It a game where you look for U-Hauls and try to identify the graphic on the side of the truck, it also has a puzzle game, and even some educational stuff as well (but don’t tell the kiddos). This app is also free!

There are quite a few other apps out there that would be ok for traveling but these are the best by far. I also noticed that there were quite a few apps that were paid but that weren’t much more than these apps I have listed here. If you decide to purchase one of those travel apps I really suggest that you read  the reviews first because there are a few that are paid and have terrible reviews.


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