My Recommendations for Personalized Gifts

I think gifts are always just that little bit more special if they’re personalized. But a lot of people believe that they have to make their own gifts if they want to make them truly personal. Not everyone has time to hand make lots of things, but I don’t think you have to. If you find something that you can personalize and you think someone you know will love it, there’s no harm in buying. In fact, buying personalized gifts means you can give things that are much more skilled than anything you could make! Here are some of my recommendations for which gifts are best personalized.

Clothes and Jewelry

If you’re not careful, I think personalized clothes and jewelry can sometimes be a bit tacky. But you can also find some beautiful items that people will love. As a huge Etsy fan, I’ve found some lovely and unique personalizable items on there. It makes the gift even more special when you know someone has worked hard on it. It’s not just a name printed on something. It doesn’t even matter if the person working hard isn’t you! You can custom-order jewelry and other items, which means that you put more of your thoughts and ideas into whatever you buy.

Personal Creations

Edible Gifts
I love making fun things for people to eat, but not everyone is a whizz in the kitchen. If you’re hopeless with anything more complicated than a boiled egg, other people can do it for you. How about sending all your friends and family some cookies that you designed yourself? Use a site like Custom On It to make them for you, and then you can put them in pretty presentation bags and give them out. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who feels that they can bake, but they’re not so good at making their creating look beautiful.


Items for your home are much lovelier when they mean something to you personally. It’s nice to see signs that say things like “home is where the heart is”, but it all seems a bit cliché after a while. It’s much better when you can customize what you buy so that it has a more personal meaning. You might give someone a photo frame with their favorite poem in calligraphy inside. Or perhaps it could be a hanging sign with the names of all the family on it.

Toys and Books

Kids love personalized gifts, probably a lot more than adults do. Personalizing toys with their name on is one fun thing to do. But what can be even more magical is having a book made with their name in it. They can read a magical adventure that has them, their friends and perhaps their pets and family in it too. There are lots of different books to choose from. They range from Disney stories to completely unique books.

Personalizing gifts adds something special to your Christmas presents. Choose to order personalized gifts this year and you might see some extra appreciation.

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