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Here’s How I Made My New iPhone Super Secure!

I am now the proud owner of a shiny new Apple iPhone! I must admit; I’ve never been a big fan of smartphones in the past. But, a busy person like me needs all the help they can get. I use my new iPhone to do all kinds of things from emailing to writing posts on this blog!

It’s great because it means I don’t have to use a computer all the time, and I can do things on the go. I did think about getting a tablet, but I decided a new smartphone would be a better idea.

My new iPhone is rather expensive (to me anyway), and so I wanted to make sure no-one has the chance to steal it from me. If you own an iPhone, you should check out what I’ve done to keep mine super secure! Feel free to use the following tips and tricks with your one:

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I disabled the simple passcode

Most people stick with the simple four-digit passcode solution on their iPhones. The thing is; most folks use passcodes that are easy to crack, such as their year of birth! What many iPhone users don’t know is they can disable the simple passcode system.

Once I did that with my iPhone, I was then able to use a strong passcode of letters and numbers.

I enabled  two-step verification for Apple ID

When you buy something on the App Store, all you have to do is enter your Apple ID and password. You can enable a “two-step” verification system to prevent unauthorized use of your account.

Once you sign in using your Apple ID, a text message gets sent to your mobile number with a code. You then enter that code, and your download or purchase can begin.

I installed tracking software on my iPhone

If someone were to steal my iPhone, I would like to have the best chance of finding it and getting it back. When it comes to iPhone theft recovery, the chances are slim if you don’t have any form of GPS tracking.

Some folks use the built-in Find My iPhone system, but I use a third-party solution as well. It might sound overkill to some folks, but I’d rather not spend the money buying a new iPhone again!

I disabled lock screen notifications

People that know me will tell you I enjoy my privacy. If I happen to leave my iPhone lying around on a table somewhere, I don’t want others to see any messages flash up on it. I also don’t want notifications showing up from other apps that I use.

That’s why I took the step to disable lock screen notifications. It takes a few seconds to do in the Settings app.

I use a VPN “tunnel” when I’m out and about

Lots of places offer free WiFi, but did you know that they are seldom secure? That means other people could hack into the network – and, in theory, snoop on data sent from your phone!

For that reason, I use a VPN tunnel. In layman’s terms, it’s an extra layer of security that encrypts data sent and received. So, even if I use a public WiFi network, no-one can hack into my data!


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