Should you buy the insurance on your new furniture?

So you found that perfect piece of furniture that you have been looking for practically ages now and you’re ready to take it home and make it yours, that’s when they ask the burning question….”do you want to buy the extended warranty?”.  You just spent a ton of money  to get that perfect chair that will look fabulous in your living room surely you want to spend the extra to make sure that your kid doesn’t color on it or your dog doesn’t tear into with his nails right?

Wrong. Read this first.

Did you know that even though the furniture store will tell you that the insurance will cover ANYTHING and will boldly tell you anything to sell that insurance to you, even if it’s not the truth.  Both the insurance company and the furniture will tell you this if you ask them nicely. While it seems totally wrong by normal standards to be so dishonest  this might not matter to that person selling you furniture (be warned their smiles and warm words might fool you)

Living room couch

Before purchasing furniture insurance you need to do these things:

  1. Thoroughly read the booklet and see just what your insurance will and will not cover. Sure it will cover if your spill wine on it but will it cover if you sit in it every night to read and after a year the seat is wearing badly and you can no longer sit in it without the frame cutting into your leg, or are you out of luck totally?
  2. If your furniture is defective because of a manufacturer error will this product replacement fulfill your warranty and thus leave you in the dark?
  3. What is the process to file a claim? Will you have to fill out a ton of forms? How long will you be without that piece of furniture while yours is being repaired or replaced.
  4. Would it be cheaper / easier to just replace the piece of furniture instead of paying for the insurance.

Bottom line: be informed, do not let the sale an pressure you into buying something before you know your facts!

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