Friday Favorites

Friday favorites 22

This DIY Emoji wrapping paper is all kinds of awesome! If most of my presents weren’t already wrapped up Im sure my kids would adore some of these under the tree!DIY Emoji wrapping paper

I love wreaths and I think that is mostly because I have no where to hang one because my front door is sort of awkward with all its windows, but if I had somewhere to hang one I would totally try to pull of this gorgeous color block paper wreath!

I came across this tour of this Christmas decorated kitchen and while those decorations are pretty great Im honestly in love with this entire space. This kitchen is now my dream kitchen!

Last year I was all about pumpkin everything and I totally over did it to the point where I can’t even stomach the sight of pumpkin now. So this year I am all about peppermint everything, why is probably why Im over here drooling over this candy cane cheesecake dip! Candy Cane Cheesecake Dip

Two words. Bourbon applesauce. Enough said.

This time of year I love baking cookies to give loved ones, can you just image the looks on their faces if they opened up the package of cookies to see these stunning donut cookies!Donut Cookies

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