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Firmoo // Holiday Gift Guide

This is part of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. The product was provided to me by the brand for review, however I have only included brands that I truly think my readers will enjoy. Pinky promise!

I battled for years with rather to wear glasses or contacts, almost always ending up with wearing my uncomfortable contacts. This was for two reason: 1. I really hated to have to have to pay for the cost of glasses. Even with insurance I was looking at about 100 bucks or more on glasses. 2. Since they were so expensive I get stuck with wearing just one pair all the time. Luckily for me since then I have found out about online prescription glasses and my whole perspective has changed on glasses vs contacts. Now thanks for I am able to get more than one pair of glasses for fraction of the price that I was paying for one pair of glasses at my local glasses store. Now I wear my glasses almost non stop thanks to being able to have multiple pairs.

For me I look at glasses as an accessory just like I would my jewelry or purse and I like to make sure that the pair that I wear matches my outfit for that day. So just like my jewelry I am forever looking for new glasses to add to my “collection”. Which is just another reason that I love Firmoo because they offer glasses in just about every style imaginable, and thats a great thing because you can end up with some really awesome styles! I haven’t had a chance to get a great shot of myself in my new Firmoo glasses, but I did get one from the other day before my haircut.
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Firmoo glasses would make the perfect gift for that eyeglass lover in your life. Check out their site to see their large variety of mens and womens glasses as well as sunglasses. Right now they are having a fabulous Black Friday sale where you can buy one and get one FREE, buy one for yourself and one to gift!


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