The Good Dinosaur

We took the kids to see a sneak peek of The Good Dinosaur the other night at a new theater in our area. I have to admit that I have no idea what to expect because I actually had only seen one single trailer and it was a long time ago.

I was immediately surprise to see the roles of the dinosaurs were totally different than I expected, and I think it was a fabulous take that hasn’t been put out there before. The movie as a whole was adorable and even with my kids being teenager they still enjoyed it and even gave them some nice laughs! However there were a few spots in the movie that were a little scary that might really scare younger more sensitive kids, think of the moment whenever the bad guys on the Lion King attacked or whenever the Dad died in the Lion King. Personally some spots made my stomach turn, but then again I seem to get softer with age. This movie would be especially good for little ones who need help overcoming fear because that is just what this story explores with Arlo who over comes his fears and discovers just what he is capable of.

One of my favorite trailers from the movie is below. This is a great family film for over the Thanksgiving holiday because it releases in theaters today!

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