All three of my kids have totally different personalities, Jayde is my quiet yet sassy princess, Chandler is my kind tech savvy oldest and Ethan, well Ethan is my has to be center of attention wild child. So whenever I got a call last Friday from Ethan I wasn’t completely surprised.

It has become a tradition that Ethan stays after with his friends every Friday to play soccer with some of his closest friends. They normally stay as long as possible, most days all the way until sunset. So whenever I got a phone call from him just 45 minutes after school let out I was a little worried.

Ethan playing soccer

Ethan: (very calmly says) “Mom, I think you need to come get me”.
Me: “Why, whats up?”
Ethan: “I think I hurt myself”
Me: “no, really whats wrong” (he’s clearly too calm to have anything wrong)
Ethan: “I broke my arm”
Me: “why do you think that”
Ethan: “I just know. Come get me please”
Me: “Ok Im on my way”

Thinking that surely theres no way that he legitimately broke his arm because he’s so calm I load Chandler and Jayde into the car and head towards him. On the way I just keep thinking theres no way he really broke his arm because he’s so totally calm. I call him again and he tells me that his friend called the cops. ** INSERT ME FULLY FREAKING OUT HERE ** From here I was driving like a crazy person to get to him. Once I arrived there were two cop cars and a handful of boys standing there, and my Ethan holding his arm which was twisted in a way that it never should be. It turns out that he was playing soccer and a friend tripped him to get the ball and caused Ethan to fall at full force on his arm.

I rushed him to the hospital. That car ride was by far one of the longest ever because he was yelling in pain. I took him to the local children hospital where we were met by some of the most friendly (and fast) staff ever. They had him back in just a matter of what felt like seconds and had nurses surrounding him. They gave him pain medicine and got some X-rays of his arm. As you can see by the photos he had a pretty gross (but clean) break and luckily he wouldn’t need surgery, the nurses were pretty shocked because they thought he would after seeing how bent his arm was. They wrapped him up in a splint with some more pain medicine and sent us on our way with a referral to a orthopedic doctor for later in the week.
Ethans arm wrapped By this point Ethan was totally starving (at one point he even asked the nurse for some chicken nuggets) so I took him to his favorite chicken wing place for dinner. He’s been in pretty consistent pain since then, so I can’t wait for the trip to the orthopedic doctor who will hopefully make it better.

For the record, I said whenever Ethan was very small that I knew he would be the first to break his arm because he’s so crazy careless sometimes. Sadly, I was right. Also if you are in the Louisville area and ever need medical help go to Kosair because their staff is incredible!

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