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NOMAD // Holiday Gift Guide

This is part of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. The product was provided to me by the brand for review, however I have only included brands that I truly think my readers will enjoy. Pinky promise!


I don’t think I ever got around to posting about it but I bought an Apple Watch a few months ago after really resisting the urge to buy one. So of course that means that I want to get as many awesome accessories for it, and I know Im not the only one. The problem is that since its a brand new product very few accessories exist, and finally really cool ones are even harder to find. When I came across NOMAD I knew that they were a brand that had to be included in my holiday gift guide.

Nomad has a charger for your phone that will fit inside of your wallet, a sleek car charger, Apple Watch stand, a absolutely stunning power bank that is made of walnut, a Apple Watch band that is pretty epic and last but not least their Apple Watch Pod. I had to try out their Pod which is the portable Apple Watch battery.

Nomad Pod

The Pod comes in two colors, space grey and silver. The battery on my Apple Watch is pretty great and typically lasts all day, except those days that I forget to charge my phone completely those are the days that I need my Pod. Luckily I can just unplug it from my nightstand (where I typically keep it and use it as a Apply Watch mount) and throw it right into my purse and Ill have my watch charged in no time.

Some other fun facts about the Nomad Pod:

  • 1800mAh battery that will keep your watch charged.
  • Nomad products are available online at as well as at your local Best Buy.
  • Works with both the 1m & 2m variations of the Apple Watch charging cable.
  • The Pod itself takes about roughly two hours to fully charge.
  • When fully charged will charge the Apple watch 4 full times.

This Pod is a perfect gift for anyone who owns an Apple Watch, it really is a the perfect accessory to the watch.

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