15 reasons that fall is the best!

Fall is by far my favorite season probably because growing up in the south I never really had a chance to enjoy the changing of the seasons. That not its though because there is just so much to love about fall.

15 Reasons that fall is the best

1. Gorgeous foliage everywhere. I grew up in Florida and everything was always green so once we moved it it was such a huge change to see the trees turn red, orange, yellow and everything in between.

2. Halloween candy clearance. I can get all of my favorite candies on sale for 50% off or more! Stock up people.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.29.01 PM 3. Red cups at Starbucks, aka seasonal drinks!

4. Leggings, all of the leggings.

5. Being able to be outdoors with the family without sweating to death or having to wear tons of layers.This also means less humidity and thus my curls are somewhat in control.

6. My favorite fruit apple is finally in season!

7. Making meals in the crockpot every single night is acceptable and totally welcomed. Especially soups!

walking-dead-season-18. All of my favorite TV shows are finally back in season. Mainly The Walking Dead!

9. Thanksgiving, but only if I don’t have to cook. Lets also not forget Thanksgiving leftovers which are basically the very best leftovers ever.

10. Snuggles in a warm blanket with loved ones. Preferably with a cup of hot cocoa while watching movies.

11. Sweater and hoodies. There just something comforting about warming up under a nice soft sweater.

12. Pies. Especially sweet potato and pecan.

13. Being able to open the windows and air out the house. Bonus for not having to turn on the a/c or heat which means that my electric bills are totally lower! Yes!

14. Its boot weather again. I love boot weather. Okay, so I love all of the clothing options for fall.

15. Fall scented candles. Nothing screams fall more than stepping into a house that smells like pumpkin spice!


So what did I miss, what is your favorite part about fall?

1 thought on “15 reasons that fall is the best!

  1. I think my favorite part is the clothing options. I LOVE being able to wear sweaters, leggings, tunics, etc. I just feel more comfortable.

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