Friday Favorites

Friday favorites 20

I currently have five pumpkins on my front porch that are completely plain because I cannot decide what to do with them. If I had some fun colored tissue paper I might try to pull of this tissue covered pumpkin.DIY-tissue-paper-pumpkin1

Im supposed to be eating healthier (as always) and this blackened chicken tenders look so delicious!

One of the reasons that I love fall so much is because of all of the delicious fall foods. I especially love soups, and this quinoa tortilla soup

Growing up I always had a ton of stuffed animals and often times they just got shoved into a corner or at the end of my bed. That just the same with my daughter, hers are currently shoved into bins under her bed. This stuffed animal zoo looks easy enough and would be a great solution!

Another thing that I really love is chocolate dipped pretzel especially ones that are as adorable as these spooky Halloween ghost pretzels.

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