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Halloween Hot Chocolate Spoons

Every since we bought our Keurig the kids have made having a cup of hot chocolate almost a daily thing. I have to say that their favorite type has to be the Target brand salted caramel hot cocoa, sadly though I bought up the last of packages of it on clearance over the summer. That means that I have to find a way to make the traditional hot cocoa just as delicious. What better way to fancy up some hot chocolate than to stir it with a season themed chocolate dipped spoon! Halloween Hot Cocoa spoons
Melting Chocolate (I prefer Ghirardelli)
Halloween sprinkles

Melt your chocolate as directed on the package.
Dip your spoon into the chocolate to only cover the tip of the spoon.
Quickly top with as many sprinkles as you want.
Let cool until chocolate is solid.
Stir your hot chocolate or warm drink and enjoy!

I used disposable spoons because I had these really cool color change spoons, otherwise I would have just used my regular spoons. However these would make really cute gifts along side of a hot cocoa mix! Halloween Hot chocolate spoon

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