Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 19

I love this time of year because of all of the awesome Halloween themed posts on my favorite blogs! These graveyard pudding cups are just so dang cute! graveyard-pudding-cups3

I have found myself eating breakfast a little more than normal and one of my very favorite breakfast foods are biscuits and gravy so naturally this casserole makes me hungry just looking at it!

These printable pirate tattoos are super cute and easy! 10_temporary_pirate_tattoos

Every since boneless chicken wings have became a thing I haven’t eaten a single bone in wing, but after seeing this super easy baked honey bbq wing recipe I may just have to change that!Crispy-Baked-Honey-BBQ-Wings-1

I really like this DIY plywood floor mirror because it looks fab and actually looks like something I can manage. I think Jayde would LOVE to have one of these in her room!

I don’t think my kids plan on Trick or Treating this year, but if they were I would absolutely make one of these skeleton flamingo totes to carry the candy in! flamingo-skeleton-tote-2

Im such a sucker for anything Oreo and this Oreo cookie layer cake looks like a dream. I totally bet that I could eat this entire this! YUM!

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