Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 18

I absolutely LOVE these super easy diy concrete pumpkins. Cheap, easy and cute – you just can’t beat that! DIY-Easy-Concrete-Pumpkins-3

I also came across this really adorable Minecraft party and I just had to share it as one of my favorites from this week!

I came across this recipe for walking tacos and I think this is the perfect school night dinner. Especially on those school nights whenever there just isn’t enough time in the day!

Brace yourself because this next one is incredible…. Dunkaroo ice-cream! I don’t even have to tell you how great this is because Im sure you already know. dunkaroo-ice-cream-2

Im a huge fan of carts of any kind, which is one reason that Im head over heels involve with this library cart. Talk about a great makeover!library-cart-shelf

After having a horrible experience with my dining room table from Ashley’s furniture that split in half I am all about finding a way to make one at home and this concrete topped table is very incredible looking.

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