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Keep your family gear up with the latest gadget without breaking the bank

We love our gadgets. When I say love, I mean we LOVE them. I might even go as far as saying that we take them literally everywhere with us. That of course means that my three kids also have smart phones that they take literally everywhere with them. I know, the thought of a 11-14 year old carrying a couple of hundred dollars in their pockets everywhere kind of makes me cringe as well. In fact I have caught my kids in a few places with their phones that seriously makes my stomach turn.

In all though considering that we take our devices everywhere we have gotten fairly lucky whenever it comes to iPhones getting broken. In fact as embarrassed as I am to say this, I have broken more phones than anyone else in my house. I broke Ethan’s phone one day after we went on a walk whenever I opened the car door into him, it instantly shattered his screen. Then there was the day that I bought a brand new iPhone 5 and promptly came home and sat it on this dryer while doing laundry, it fell and dented the corners of my new phone. Finally there was the time that I got rear ended at a red light and went to talk to the other driver and my hand stopped working and my new iPhone 6 plus fell to its death. Of course their are the accidents that the kids have had with their phones, Ethan with a parking lot phone death and Jayde with the vienna sausage iPod death.
Needless to say I am always looking for ways to keep our family up to date on our gadgets at a good price. Im sure you know that updating to the newest models is expensive and time consuming, which as a family of five we do not have much of either to spare and with our record of breaking phones who can risk it on a brand new phone whenever you can purchase a Gazelle Certified pre-owned device. With Gazelle you can get new devices for your family and as up to 40% off of your device! Don’t worry though, just because you are buying preowned does not mean that you will sacrifice quality either because Gazelle puts each device through a thorough 30-point inspection and is backed by a 30-day guarantee return on all products! The best part yet is that you can send your old device to Gazelle and get some extra cash to go towards your new device! With Gazelle’s vast variety of affordable phones for your family you just can’t risk buying your next phone anywhere else!

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If that isn’t enough if you go to today you will get an additional $10 off whenever you subscribe to Gazelle’s mailing list!

10 thoughts on “Keep your family gear up with the latest gadget without breaking the bank

  1. Oh, your poor iPhone Plus! I have one of those and I have dropped it a couple of times and (thankfully) it hasn’t broke. I have never heard of Gazelle, so it is good to know!


  2. My son wants his first phone and I am definitely not shelling out all that money for a brand new one. I am all for a used one.

  3. I like that you are able to save up to 40% with them. I definitely appreciate “affordable” after I spent a small fortune on back to school stuff recently.

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