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Ham and Cheese Croissants

My kids are forever begging for hot pockets at the store, but I just can’t justify buying that for $3 a pack whenever I can make something similar from home and for a fraction of the price. Our very favorites are the ham and cheese ones, luckily for me those just happen to be the easiest to make too!Ham and cheese

Sliced cheese
Grands Crossants

Chop your ham into small pieces and break your cheese slices in half. You will take a croissant and flatten it out really good start by adding cheese and then ham, the amount will all depend on how much you like of each. For us I put an equal amount of cheese and ham. Wrap your croissant up like normal and cook as directed on the package.

These are perfect for after school snacks as they are smaller than an actual hot pocket but still very filling or served along side some eggs and grapes as brunch like we enjoyed it. We had some leftovers and I plan on freezing these to have later! Ham and Cheese crossants

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