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Tweedz Headphones, never tangle again

I received a product in exchange for this post. However, all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!
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Nothing drives me more nuts than whenever my kids hand me a tangled pair of headphones to detangle seconds before they rush out the door to get on the bus. Some how I become a superhuman and manage to untangle them just in the nick of time, but if you know how hard it is to untangle headphones you will really appreciate these Tweedz headphones.

Tweedz Headphones are incredibly durable with their tangle free wire that is inspired by vintage guitar cables and made from high quality nylon. With these headphones you will never have to worry about a tangled mess ever again. They come in five colors, Blue with black and white accents, Red with black and yellow accents, Pink with black and white accents, Green with black and yellow accents and Black with red accents. These earbuds also come with three different earbud sizes to ensure a snug fit for ultimate sound quality. Not to mention these headphones also come with a one year warranty!

In all I loved the design of these Tweedz headphones they are modern and durable but with a vintage feel and lets not forget that they never become tangled which is a huge plus for me. My only complaint with these earbuds is with the sound quality, it sounds slightly muffled which isn’t what I was expecting that being said the $34.99 price tag is a little steep. However, as I stated before I really like to not have to detangle the headphones everyday and that sound quality isn’t an issue to my 13 year old who uses these so its a win win in my book.

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