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Finally you can help your kids with math homework again

One of my least favorite “chores” to do will always be helping the kids with homework, most specifically with math homework. That stems back from my days in school because I was terrible in math, and I still struggle with it. So that makes helping the kids with math homework nearly impossible especially now that they are all in middle school now and their math no longer includes numbers, they throw in letters too now. haha!
Luckily for me their are apps out there that will help me help the kids, or really just have the kids help themselves. My oldest son Chandler actually wrote a really great post on his site about Photomath and how it can really step up your math game. This app not only gives you the answer to math problems but also the steps to help you learn the math behind the problem.

(Ignore the fact that his title tells you to use it to cheat, what else can you expect from a 14 year old!)

His review of this app can be found here, along with a great video of the app in use.

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