Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 17

Don’t kill me for posting pumpkin stuff already but this incredible crockpot pumpkin butter looks beyond delicious.

With Summer coming to an end already here Im saving this diy for gem sidewalk chalk for next year for us, but isn’t it just so cute?Gem sidewalk chalk

I love this back to school teacher gift because its something that would really show your childs new teacher that you care.

My family is full of bread eaters, given the right bread we could eat an entire loaf with nothing else on it. Which is probably why I found this easy crusty bread to look so delicious and easy enough that I could probably pull it off.

Speaking of delicious looking, this lemon chicken skillet would be perfect to have with some of that bread.

These grilled cheese bites look like something that my kids would just love. Perfect for an appetizer as well.

Finally some food you can play with, tetris cookies! Really cool right?DIY-tetris-cookies.-web-ready-8

I love cement used as decor and I love anything retro inspired, which is why I just love these cement Pacman magnets. Cement-Pacman-Magnets-Plaster-Disaster

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