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Banana pudding dip

I needed to make something for my husband to take to a fantasy football draft party and naturally he asked me to make the dessert that I almost always make, chocolate covered pretzels. Though to be honest Im totally grossed out by the thought of both making and eating any more chocolate covered pretzels. So I decided to make a twist on John’s very favorite dessert, banana pudding. I would have just went with traditional banana pudding but seriously, how boring is that? So I decided to make something that would be a little more football friendly, and the first thing that came to mind was dip. Banana pudding dip! Awesome right?! I know it was a risky move sending John with something that I had never made before to a place with so many people, but surely this had to winning dessert.Banana pudding dip


3 cups cold milk
2 packages of banana pudding mix
1-2 boxes of vanilla wafers
1 package of whip cream
3 bananas

Banana Pudding prep

Prepare your pudding mix as directed on the package. Begin your banana pudding dip by putting a layer of pudding. Peel your bananas and chop them into very small pieces and add a layer of these evenly on top of the other layer. Now add a layer of whip cream, make sure to try and keep your layers of pudding and whip cream about the same. Repeat these layers once more ending with a layer of whip cream. Now put about 8 cookies into a baggie and crush them into small crumbs (think bread crumbs) and sprinkle them atop of your dip and your done! Serve with vanilla wafers and enjoy!
Banana pudding dip

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