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Healthy after school snacks

18 healthy after school snacksOk, maybe I should say healthy(ish) right? It feels like my kids are viciously hungry after school, when they walk in its almost like a stampede to the kitchen. So this year Im going to try and stop their binge eating of unhealthy snacks after school by preparing some of the snacks below before they get home.

Banana Peanut Butter Bites // Veggie packed pizza rolls // Frozen blueberry and yogurt kebabs // Skinny caramel apple dip // Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies // Soy and sesame edamame

Banana split bites // Applesauce puffs // Roasted honey and cinnamon peaches // Healthy ice cream sandwiches // homemade animal crackers

Sweet Potato Banana Bites // Parmesan and rosemary // Cinnamon Roasted Almonds // Coconut bites // Cinnamon bananas // Dark chocolate peanut butter banana bites // Strawberry and yogurt bark //

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