OREO Thins // a little more grown up

Oreo sent me some product in exchange for this post. However as always all opinion are all my own. FullSizeRender 15FullSizeRender 15 When I heard the news of the OREO launching their brand new OREO Thins I was so excited to try them, as I always am whenever a new flavor of OREO cookie is released. These OREO Thins offer a delicious new snacking experience for anyone looking for a more grown-up option to satisfy that ‘need-something-sweet now moment’ we all have now and then, while still delivering the delicious flavor of a classic OREO cookie.

These new OREO Thins are just what I expected, they are roughly about half the size of traditional OREOs. I would compare the cookie part to the consistency of say a Wheat Thin, crisp and crunchy. The sweet white filling however is perfectly matched with amount of cookie there is making it the perfect sandwich cookie that we have grown to love from OREO. When I sat down with John to try these with a big cup of milk my first thought was ‘Oh no can I still dunk these?’ and if I could dunk these OREO Thins into the milk how long would I hold them there before they break. If you’re wondering I have dunking a traditional OREO down to an art. Each dunk with a traditional OREO takes about 10 seconds in milk to make it the perfect amount of sogginess. I was really surprise whenever I dunked these OREO Thins into the milk for 5 seconds and they were so delicious! While these cookies are still perfect for dunking I would say that they are seriously good by themselves.

OREO Thins come in mint, original and golden. For four of these cookies it is a mere 160 calories. Perfect to pair with your afternoon latte, cup of tea or my personal favorite, milk.

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