Friday Favorites

Friday favorites #15

This doll tutu is absolutely adorable. I could have seen Jayde whenever she was younger carrying around one of her dolls with one of these tutus on it!

Then there is this Minion party that is so cute! Perfect for a boy or girl!Minionparty

I am so in love with this adorable fire truck bed. Its all kinds of amazing. Cant you imagine your kiddo playing on this? Then again Id imagine that it would be a little hard to get your kid to sleep whenever their bed is this awesome. Firetruck bed

These soda popsicles are really cute too and I bet these are all kinds of refreshing for summer! I would probably make a coke with cherries popsicle!

I have came across so many really amazing parties lately, and this unicorn party is no exception. I totally need a party like this for myself, seriously I do have a birthday coming up soon!

You know how you see those flawless kids rooms on Pinterest? Yeah, the ones that look like theres no way that a child actually lived in that room. Well I came across this room that looks both amazing and yet you can see little bits of details that show that a kid actually lives in that room. I love this so much, and it gives me a little hope for my kids rooms. Kids bedroom

I also really like these gold leaf notebooks. I think these would make such a cute addition to your kids back to school supplies, in fact Im going to try to pull of one or two of these for Jayde.

This Hot Wheels garage is amazing. I could totally see myself loving one of these whenever I was little!

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