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Get #MoreMinutes in your day with Great Clips

Its officially mid way through our Summer break here which means that if you’re like me you have spent most of your Summer enjoying fun times with your family and getting a haircut was the furthest thought from your mind. That also means that quite a few of you need haircuts badly. Since Summer is halfway over you’re probably thinking of all of the stuff that you need to do to prepare your family for back to school in just about a month. That list is growing daily for us.

However whenever it comes to haircuts Im pretty picky because I don’t want to wait around but I also don’t want to sacrifice haircut quality. Luckily for me Great Clips has this really neat app (you can also check in on their website as well) that will allow you to check into one of their 3,800 salons with just a simple click of a finger. The app will list all of the locations surrounding you along with the wait time for each location. You will choose which location you would like to visit and add your name and number and you are checked in. From there you will drive to the location and once you arrive your hairstylist will take just a moment to get your information and you will go straight back! No waiting at all. For me this is HUGE because if you have ever sat in a waiting area with a kid before you know it can be excruciating.

We were in need of a mid Summer touch up hair cut, and our stylist was more than happy to help us. Not only did he make sure to give us just the cut we wanted but he was also really entertaining to my little one so that he did not get bored while in the chair. In fact he made a really cute joke about “bringing him back to the first floor” while lowering the chair that got a giggle out of all of us! Great Clips b2s I had planned on finishing the last chapter of my book while I was waiting for his haircut however I ended up chatting with the stylist and the cut was finished before I even had a chance to crack my book open! After Haircut
The whole process was so fast that it left me with so much extra time. Will all of that extra time I decided to slide next door to Target to pick up a Starbucks and a treat for him while I did some quick shopping. Since the haircut cost me much less than I expected as well I decided to treat the little guy with a new toy. I plan on swinging into Great Clips again once it gets closer to the first day of school to get all three of my kids hair cut because it was so fast and easy.

Swing into your local Great Clips and get yourself a new haircut and take a post haircut self while you’re in the salon. Be sure to include what you would do for a few more minutes and include to #MoreMinutes hashtag!Don’t forget to check in online or via the app to save even more time!

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