Black & white kids rooms that will WOW you

Black & white kids rooms
I was just a teenager whenever my kids were babies, needless to say their bedrooms were at a minimum. Once they were old enough to sleep in “big kids” beds I thought for sure they could have a cute room like all of the ones you see on Pinterest, but despite all my efforts they were set on having their rooms look unique and just their own. I guess thats when I realized that those kids rooms you see on the web just aren’t realistic, unless you want to devote some serious time cleaning up toys and hiding your childs personal touch on the room.

Somehow though, I still keep swooning over these black and white rooms on Pinterest. A girl can dream right?

Black & White Kids corner // Black & white animal room // Black & white chalkboard walls // Black & white nursery

Triangles // White clouds // Black & white bunting // Raincloud // Black & white bunnies

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