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Menu Plan 7/6

menu plan

MONDAY Breakfast sandwich bagels // leftover // Key West Chicken grilled, grilled corn & bacon green beans

TUESDAY Omelets // Ramen // Pizza

WEDNESDAY Eggs, Bacon & Toast // Sandwiches // Spaghetti, salad & bread

THURSDAY Breakfast wraps // left overs // Teriyaki Chicken and broccoli & rice

FRIDAY Bagels & sausage // left overs // Blaze Pizza

SATURDAY Who knows!

This week the kids will be in Florida with their grandparents so I will have to cook for just myself and John. Yes, thats good because its less food and thus less money, but seriously how on earth do I cook for just two people? This is something I struggle with every year that the kids visit their grandparents. Needless to say this menu is what I hope to make, but it might still be just too much food for us.

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