Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #13

I have never ever wanted to take a cruise after seeing how often people get sick, oh and have you seen the Titanic? Well that all changed whenever I heard about this amazing The Walking Dead themed cruise, if only I had a few extra bucks!

Then of course there is this beyond delicious looking BLT, which I could probably eat all day everyday for the rest of forever.

If I hadn’t recently made some coasters that I fell in love with I would be all over making some of these Diy moon phases coasters because they are so fun!Diy moon phases coasters

This post of 50 really great free fonts will make you smile big time, I know I did!

These pineapple pink lemonade popsicles not only look really pretty but Id imagine they are also really delicious as well. unnamed-5-e1435602230374

Then again this super easy 2 ingredient peach sherbet also looks really good and probably pretty diet friendly!

I came across these Disney cross stitch round up at some point last week and fell in love and once again told myself that I need to learn to cross stitch asap!Disney cross stitch

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